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eh, its okay.

I'm impressed you made it in flash... i could never get the hang of AS though I hear AS3 is a lot better for programming perpouses. it was, well, very very basic, but a good solid start. controls are too precise... for lack of a better word... add some float to his movements. instead of just moving when a button is pressed, give him some momentum so he doesn't just stop dead when a button isn't pressed. it was most noticable when jumping. I'd let off a key and his movment left or rigtht would just cease to exist. other than that, I'd say you've got the basics of a platformer down. but his animations were somwhat unnoticable, however. I couldn't tell he had any walking animation at first. i understand its a demo, but animations are typically complete during teh "demo" stage.

fede1920 responds:

Thanks for the advices , and yes i also noticed that his movements are not quite noticable . I'm starting now with the full version and i will try this time to improve and correct all the mistakes that you all and myself have noticed

...mind feed copy?

what? I thought mind feed was awesome, but this test seems ot be a copy of the ideas behind mindfeed, and I didn't like thise one anywhere near as much. had no real underlying theme behind the questions, just a bunch of random stuff. Everyon else saysi t was funny... but I couldn't seem ot find any humor in it. music was good however.

chaos-warrior responds:

With all do respect, you do realize games dont take 5 seconds to make right?
I was making this BEFORE mind feed came out, I simply released it after.

what? I dont' belive this!

I reviewd nearly the EXACT SAME GAME a little while ago, only you called it "DestrucoChopper" which revealed how blatantly you took this idea from Indestruco Tank. In terms of gameplay and goals it is a complete rip-off of that good game, only you've made it a helictopter. The game HAS improved since I last played it whcih is good. But you re-named it and now everyone thinks its an original? bah! This game deserves maybe a green highlight, but not a blue highlight. Blue highlights should be for games that have been worked on around-the-clock to make sure they are unique and offer good graphics and awe-inspiring gameplay. THis game offers non of those and was rather simple to make if you know your way around AS. (I don't know my way around AS but I have used different programming languages and know that such a game would not be too difficult to make)

Maccomo responds:

I changed a lot, this is almost a new game. And I dont see any rip off of indestructoTank, maybe the fuel that runs out? You could at least tell me what is similar? Blue Highlight is because this is newgrounds. This game will not do so well on other sites, newgrounders like these sort of games...And if you think this was simple to make then think again.


this is great animation, and a great (if slightly distrubing concept.)

but... even though I am no where near your peer (wtf?) I must push this concept into your mind:
combos? :D?

Cosmoseth responds:

maybe next time. hahaha and possibly even a level editor...

This idea is pimp...

the gameplay is smooth, the idea is great, but the gameplay itslef could have used a little more refining and ideas.
I'm NOT saying this was bad, I'm saying you could have taken it fartehr and made it just that much more better.
Great game, make a second one with some more expanded ideas? That would be cool.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

It's definitely a very simple game at this point. Only my second AS3 game I've released.

I'll probably expand on this concept a bit more.


Nice one dude!

Awesome effects...

my favorite was the "TOM FULP"
A very original effect.

itsjms responds:

yea. i thought it was pretty cool 2.

I loved this!

but it wasn't perfect.

I'm sorry, I know how much coding can be a pain in the a... erm, *ahem* readr end
but there were some weak points...
Phycis were good, but could have been a might bit better. (lol, look who's critizing, I couldn't do physics to save my freaking life!)
The blood was good, but looked... kinda werid... just threw me off a little bit.
my top score (For playing like 3 minutes) was 160... and He didn't even touch teh stairs... sad...

Oh well, great game!

KynetiK-27 responds:

where were the physics 'wrong' ? the figure is constrained like a human skeleton so that joints cant get too close to each other, and the player can stand up with the right centre of balance. apart from gravity and friction, what more can i add without applying quantum theory?

The blood is a bit weird, but it was the best i could do for a line drawn on the fly

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