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song was fucking hilarous.

your animation was good, if a little simple. I liked the music, and i couldn't stop laughing at it. The animation did bring more to the song, but it felt kinda like a side thing, no offense to your animation.
it was smooth and pleasing, but like I said, simple.

Oney responds:

Thank you koind suh. Blessings of akatosh upon ye!

i'm not thinking what he was thinking.

supremely well animated, if terribly violent and insanely random. your animation is smooth as silk though, and your art is very good. you (ovbiously) get a ten.
never use paradactoyls to get girlfriend's attention


usually I really dislike "hentai" stuff mucking up newgrounds, but atfter I read the reviews (which seemd to suggest anything but "hand-drawn-porn") I decided to watch it. I laughed pretty hard at the explination.
animaiton was okay though, but I did think it was funny as hell.
explians the spelling though!
keep up the satires!

Sandwich91 responds:

things are not always what they seem my friend :P im glad that you laughed pretty hard at the animation :3 i will keep it up! *salutes*

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I really enjoyed playing this game, I can tell a lot of work went into this. I really enjoyed the story and how it unfolded, the sheer amount of options you have while playing, and the interesting mechanic of being, well, almost invincible. I felt really eager to explore when I realized that there were no consequences to taking a big fall or touching another animal. I'm currently at school for game design, so perhaps I'm over analyzing, but I really did enjoy this unique game, keep it up, please!

eh, its okay.

I'm impressed you made it in flash... i could never get the hang of AS though I hear AS3 is a lot better for programming perpouses. it was, well, very very basic, but a good solid start. controls are too precise... for lack of a better word... add some float to his movements. instead of just moving when a button is pressed, give him some momentum so he doesn't just stop dead when a button isn't pressed. it was most noticable when jumping. I'd let off a key and his movment left or rigtht would just cease to exist. other than that, I'd say you've got the basics of a platformer down. but his animations were somwhat unnoticable, however. I couldn't tell he had any walking animation at first. i understand its a demo, but animations are typically complete during teh "demo" stage.

fede1920 responds:

Thanks for the advices , and yes i also noticed that his movements are not quite noticable . I'm starting now with the full version and i will try this time to improve and correct all the mistakes that you all and myself have noticed

...mind feed copy?

what? I thought mind feed was awesome, but this test seems ot be a copy of the ideas behind mindfeed, and I didn't like thise one anywhere near as much. had no real underlying theme behind the questions, just a bunch of random stuff. Everyon else saysi t was funny... but I couldn't seem ot find any humor in it. music was good however.

chaos-warrior responds:

With all do respect, you do realize games dont take 5 seconds to make right?
I was making this BEFORE mind feed came out, I simply released it after.

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ah hell yeah!

I loved this in Castle Crashers... nothing to do with space or pirates in the game, but it really fit the theives forrest level very well. I think Tom and Dan got of real easy using the talents of the NG artists for music in Castle Crashers. Great music dude!

:O whoa....

spaceclowns are attacking!
haha. I like the loop alot T! Keep them coming!

:D I like it.

It makes me feel lazy and calm.
oh wtf? it won't let me post just that. newgrounds told me to make it longer.
but... It does do just that. very clam. I like.

I'm Lazy. BEER 2 COLLAB FUNNY LITTLE FEELING COLLAB. BLACK AND WHITE COLLAB. FORGIVE ME COLLAB. Check 'em. When they come out, vote 5 'cuz they awesome.

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