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First off, castle crashers is and awesome game, and i'm having a ton of fun unlocking new characers and running around with a midgit girrafe and a green bouncy ball that shoots photons and of course, playing with my friends. Really, there isn't any other way to play this than with friends. I'm not much of a "hardcore" gamer to begin with (read: I have a life, but I'm very competent at video games) and it would take me a while to beat this game by myself, and frankly it would get very frusterating. but with two or more people, its a smorgashboard (whatever the hell that means) of magic, arrows, swords and fun. and it doesn't take too long ot beat a the game with 4 people, not matter if you arn't at level 70 or not. Its a great game, and if you have friends with it, or more than one controller for your xbox, worth your cash.


The music for castle crashers was supurb. some of the, scratch that, THE BEST MUSIC in an arcade game I've ever heard. Of course, our friends Tom and Dan had the ability ot pick the very best of the music in the Audio Portal. I've found a few songs from Castle Crashers, (but I don't have the links for you guys, sorry) but where's the rest!?!?!? can there be some sort of collection for the audio portal for Castle Crashers music? or at least a post telling us where all of the music is?!?
that would be kick ass.
and to all the artists whose work was contributed to (or taken to....) Castle Crashers.
you guys are great. without that music, the game wouldn't be half of what it is in my eyes. I realize now, music can be a huge influence in a game, and will tuck that lesson away in my head, hopefully for later use.

I'm done talking. Bet nobody will read this though.

working on a game!

2008-08-02 16:10:15 by FlashKn1ght

Currently I've been given the "art direction" on a game by a few friends of mine on the site The game will be a god-of-war style game following the adventures of samson, the hero from the old testement who was given super-human strength, as long as his hair was not cut. In the game samson will be invincible to allow for loads of fun and non-stop gameplay. samson will be able to grap and throw enemies and objects about like crazy. It will feature a huge amount of cool animations and more.

I don't have much more to say right now, as I'm a little distracted. I'll say more later.
But It will be an awesome game, be rest assured.
animations and artwork to follow.

Lending a helping hand...

2008-03-30 14:56:54 by FlashKn1ght

I just got back from a week-long trip to Mexico where I helped build a house for a family that did not have one. They paid nothing for this house, they simply asked a man named Sergio for a house, and he gave it to them. They didn't own the land or anything, but he took them in an gave them a house and plugged them into a community. Sergio (I hope I spell his name right) Is one amazing dude. He started his life with a druged father who left his family, and Sergio left his house at 11. Joined a gang, spent time in jail (a lot of time.) After a long time in jail, his asked his extended family to bail him out. They did, and he got a job and worked his ass off. Then someone gave him a bible. Thats where his quest started. He went to the states, where he became a pastor. Then he came back to mexico where he started Baja Minestries. He has build over 15,000 houses for free, he has built chrurches and is currently building a hospital. He provided our group with the foundation of a house and teh building materials and from there we went at it. We also gave the family some food and money to spend at they pleased at the end of our time down there.

It didn't even stop there. As we wound our way back home, we stopped at a gas station where there was a mix-up as for who was paying the gas. The station attendant was given Sergio's number, because all the money we had raised for the trip went to him, and as my leader got back into the car he told us that Sergio was going to build a house for the attendant. So many people have benifited greatly from Sergio's ministires and help, I'm just glad I could be a part of it again.

I've only released ONE solo-effort flash on newgrounds, and It not score well because no have sound.
Or the people on the portal were just assholes that day. Because that would really some of my best work.

BUT NOW.... well... acutally, not now, in like a month... or maybe more...
BUT SOON(ish) I WILL RELEASE MY FIRST REAL SOLO-EFFORT (the first one was... part of a collab between my friend and I that didn't happen) AND IT WILL BE AWESOME. SO AWESOME IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GUILT Y FOR WATCHING IT. LIKE YOU JUST ATE A TUB OF ICE CREAM. and not one of those sissy Dryers tubs, THE INDUSTIRAL SIZED BEHEMOTHS!


...or at least a cheap stand-in for darth vader. but it'll be cool.

BTW: I just found out i have a BA of 3.77 (or something like that)
I'm so happy. :D
I can host a collab.
But I probably won't.
At least not yet.
And if I do, all the guys I have worked with before will be invited. (and gals? Have I collaborated with any chicks? No? Dammit! >:(!!!)
Cuz' your awesome.

I will now place bets on how many comments I will git.
I'm guessing about 3.
hopefully moar.

I... need... motivation!

2008-02-24 01:04:18 by FlashKn1ght

...I haven't worked on my flash for a few days, and I;m really starting ot get pissed at myself! I need to finish my collab parts for hte Beer 2 collab, the Forgivness collab, AND (i think... haven't heard from fishook yet...) the FINAL (sadface) black and white collab!

I know a lot of you think I'm a (kinda) good animator, so I'm also presssured not to make shitty parts! (I... if they were bad... I would just redo-them) but I'm not sure with my shocking lack of self-motivation if these parts will be up to par with my last. Lord knows I'm going ot TRY my HARDEST to make them up ot my "usual" standards and no sub-par...

The thing is... I love flash. But why the hell do I keep putting off animating!? WTF!?! I MAKE NO SENSE!!!


Okay, now its REALLY coming out soon! It going to be an awesome collaboration! We've all put a lot of time and soul into this project, so that means it HAS to be awesome.
It can kill you, you know!


: front page? :D

Smoking Kills collab!

2008-01-13 21:19:19 by FlashKn1ght

Come out soon! RATE 5!!!!!!!!
Seriously, a lot of work has been put into this one! Coming out this month!
Thanks to TommyVF for the idea and putting it all together! what do I do?